Episode 003 – 1/15/20

From the Podcast Mansfield Recording Studio, welcome to About Mansfield. I’m Steve Cosio, glad that you’re here today. Coming up on the show today news, weather and sports, I will talk in-studio with a local entrepreneur who will cleanse your mind, body and soul inside and out, as well as the Mansfield events calendar, and we will conclude with your chance to win a $25 gift card to Steven’s Garden and Grill with the trivia question of the week.

Taking a look at this week’s headlines
• the political stew is beginning to brew as more ingredients have been added to the pot
• the last round of storms puts Mansfield’s alert system into action
• ringing the victory bell eight years in a row
• what is a contronym? We’ll take a look at some words that will make you think, and
• our unscientific poll question for the week—where can I find the best taco in Mansfield?

We have the answers along with your weekly forecast and local sports. The news starts in 30 seconds. This is about Mansfield.

Welcome back to About Mansfield.

The mayor and city council races became a little more definitive this week as the council voted unanimously to hold the special election to fill the mayor’s vacating seat and Place 2 on May 2 in conjunction with the general election. Combining the general and special elections will save the city money from holding a special election on a different date and also makes voting more convenient for Mansfield voters.

So far on the May 2 ballot you will have the opportunity to vote for all four of the seats:
Place 1: the mayor’s seat
Place 2: Brent Newsom‘s seat, who is stepping down to run for mayor
Place 6: currently held by Terry Moore, who is also running for mayor, and
Place 7, currently seated by Larry Broseh, and is seeking re-election

It’s still very early in the race but the current mayoral and city council races look like this:
For the mayor’s race. Reverend Dr. Michael Evans, Terry Moore and Brent Newsom.
For the council race, Todd Tonore, Scot Bowman, Tamera Bounds and, again Larry Broseh is running for reelection.

Local citizens can now receive notifications about severe weather and other emergency situations through the Mansfield Emergency Alert System. Residents who were previously registered with Code Red must visit the city website and complete registration for the new system. Users can opt for notification preferences including email, text messages and phone calls for both mobile and landline, and will also select the types of notifications that they want to receive, be it severe weather, flash, flood, etc.

To sign up for the Mansfield Emergency Alert System, there’s a link on our website AboutMansfield.com under the Links tab.

Mayor David Cook was presented with a trophy at this week’s council meeting for winning the Arlington/Mansfield Area Salvation Army Red Kettle Challenge. Lieutenant Timothy Israel presented the award.

LT. ISRAEL: It’s my pleasure to be here tonight. Once again bring with us the Golden Bell, the traveling trophy that just happens to not travel that much. Because for the 10th time in 11 years, and for the eighth consecutive time, it is my pleasure to present you as the champion of the mayoral red kettle challenge.

Mansfield racked up a total of $100,165 in donations, being the first community locally to break the $100,000 mark.

In grade school we all learned about synonyms, antonyms homonyms, etc. From the “words that make you think” file, MentalFloss.com has created a list of 25 contronyms, which are words with two opposite meanings. Three examples from the list include:
LEFT, which can mean either remaining or departed. For example, if the gentlemen have withdrawn to the parlor for after dinner cigars who’s left, the gentleman have left and the ladies are left.
STONE is a verb to use with caution. You can stone some peaches, but please don’t stone your neighbors. And finally,
WEATHER can mean to withstand as in the company whether the recession or it can mean to be worn away, such as the rock was weathered.

If your head’s not spinning yet, you can see the entire list of 25 contronyms at our website. Go to AboutMansfield.com and click on Links.

In this week’s unscientific poll, Podcast Mansfield Recording Studio took to social media and asked the question, “Where can I find the best taco in Mansfield?” The top three results to this tasty yet very subjective question are:
Number three: Rosa’s Cafe at the corner of East Broad and Matlock
Number two: Habaneros on Debbie Lane near 157
And the number one place to find the best taco in Mansfield?
Tacos and Avocados on South Main Street across the street from The LOT.

My advice? Go eat a taco today! We’ll have the results of another unscientific poll next week.

Looking at the National Day of for this week:
Wednesday, January 15 is National Bagel Day
Thursday the 16th National Nothing Day
Friday the 17th is Ditch Your New Year’s Resolutions Day
Saturday January 18 is Thesaurus Day
Sunday the 19th National Popcorn Day
Monday the 20th is Martin Luther King Jr. Day and National Cheese Lover Day. And,
Tuesday the 21st Squirrel Appreciation Day

Let’s check the weather forecast. Alexa, what’s the seven day forecast for Mansfield, Texas?
ALEXA: Next seven days
Wednesday 76 degrees and thunderstorms
Thursday 52 degrees and rainy weather
Friday 65 degrees and showers
Saturday 59 degrees and lots of sun
Sunday 52 degrees and intermittent clouds
Monday 51 degrees and intermittent clouds
Tuesday 52 degrees and lots of sun -0-

Let’s take a look at upcoming sports in a nutshell:
This Thursday sees a variety of soccer games, Legacy women play at home and the Lake Ridge tennis team fires up their season with matches in Keller.
Friday night in January means it’s basketball night in Mansfield. Home games include Mansfield, Summit and Legacy. Newsom Stadium will also be lit up on Friday night as Lake Ridge takes on Keller Central in soccer.
Saturday both Mansfield and Lake Ridge compete in the Swimming and Diving District Meet at the Natatorium, and
Tuesday the 21st you can catch a local basketball at Mansfield and Lake Ridge gyms as well as soccer on the Lake Ridge field.

That’s a look at news weather and sports. When we come back, we will shower the mind body and soul with good spirits when we talk in-studio with Pam Comeau of Sage. We’re back in 30 seconds you’re listening to about Mansfield.

ABOUT MANSFIELD: Welcome back to another edition of about Mansfield. I’m Steve Cosio, broadcasting from the studios of Podcast Mansfield here in Mansfield, Texas. Sitting here in studio today is the owner of two small businesses. She’s also a community volunteer, and we’ll talk about all of those as we say hello to Pam Comeau. Welcome to the show.

PAM COMEAU: Hi, Steve.

AM: Our listeners are quickly going to figure out that y’all ain’t from around here and you’re wearing Salem, Massachusetts sweatshirt. So you’re from Massachusetts.

PC: I am.

AM: From whereabouts?

PC: I grew up in Salem, Massachusetts, right on the coast.

AM: What brought you to Texas?

PC: My husband of course. This was his second opportunity to come to Texas and we figured somebody wanted us to come to Texas. So we loaded up the car, sold the house and pulled into Mansfield in November of 2005. I was born in Vermont. I grew up in Massachusetts, and Bobby and I built our first house in New Hampshire. So I am definitely a New England girl. I still miss it, still too hot for me in Texas but Mansfield sort of become our adopted hometown.

AM: Where is Doliber Bay or how did you come about naming your soap business Doliber Bay Soap?

PC: Okay, so my family is descended from the Doliber. I’m actually the first girl without the Doliber middle name, but they descended from a couple of all these Doliber people. And there’s actually Doliber Cove in Marblehead. So I wanted to put the Doliber name in to the soap company. I didn’t want to copy something that was already there so instead of Doliber Cove it’s Doliber Bay.

AM: Were you a soap maker back in Massachusetts?

Doliber Bay soap

PC: No, I started messing around with soap a little bit before we came here about a year or so before we came. I’ve been a stay at home mom, on and off for 23 years. And I don’t like to really join PTAs or any of that stuff. So I need to find stuff that keeps me busy. And I really enjoy heritage arts like spinning, weaving, candle making, and I tried soap making from scratch. And it came out awesome, which is usually not my experience when doing crafts. So I was really excited that it worked and started making more and more. My husband actually noticed a difference which was great because most guys don’t care what you put in the shower. They don’t notice a difference no matter what you put in and Bobby did notice a difference with the soap that I was making myself. So I just kept going and trying different recipes, trying different scents different colors. And so making is actually really expensive is a really expensive hobby. So he said to me, why don’t you try and sell this and then you’ll have money to make more. So we went back home to Massachusetts one summer. I shipped a bunch of soap up and we did a show up in Massachusetts where I knew more people and people bought it. So, came back to Mansfield and came out of the soap closet in 2012 at a downtown Mansfield event, the Oktoberfest. That went great. Went back for the next one started at the farmers market. We started doing internet sales, and it just took off and it was amazing.

AM: How many varieties of soap do you have right now?

PC: Well, I have a standard selection of about 12 different scents and then I’ll just throw things in like, it’s Christmas, so I’ll throw in a kind of a Christmasy scented

AM: Do you have pumpkin spice?

PC: I do not have pumpkin. That that is a little overdone for me. Actually, my customer base here in Texas doesn’t like fruit or food smelling soap.

AM: Give me an example of some of the names of the soaps and which one sells the best.

PC: One of our best selling soaps is our unscented, uncolored, no coconut oil soap, which I had made for a friend of ours, whose wife was buying myself but the husband refused to try it. So I said to him, let me try to formulate something for you and you’ll try it. And so he tried it and he loves it. And we named it You Big Baby because he was just a big old baby about trying the soap but now he buys it all the time. For women it doesn’t interrupt with their really expensive perfume. So I think that’s why it’s popular and our second popular one is Lavender, plain lavender. I have bar that sort of smells like coast soap. If y’all remember that and that’s really popular. We call it Cool Dude. Because it’s more of a man’s scented soap. And sometimes they try to come up with kind of fun ideas for the names. We have one called Stud Muffin, which is a nice men’s scent. It’s really good. And then of course we have Python, which is really popular around town.

AM: I used to use Python actually now I I’ve tried You Big Baby and I do like that as well. Python and there was another one.

PC: You used to use Bay Rum to a lot.

AM: Bay Rum as well. Bay Rum reminded me of my grandfather. Father who used Old Spice, that was the scent that I loved about my my grandfather. And to this day I use Old Spice deodorant because it smells like my grandfather.

PC: That’s sweet. It’s really sweet.

AM: So you mentioned a lot of the Bay Rum, Python, You Big Baby. What are some of the soap names that the females use?

PC: We have Bitches Brew, that’s a musky kind of scent with a little hint of cinnamon. And I actually have a customer buys it by the log. She doesn’t even waste time with individual bars. Orange Crush, which is actually both people like that men and ladies and that sounds like a nice, soft orange but it smells really good little orangey vanilla and, Lavender, Lavender Mint.

AM: So your soap used to be sold online and now is available, which leads us into our next business. Sage.

PC: Right We just opened up a little store in March. So exclusively you can get Doliber Bay there. We will be opening the website again soon. But yeah, it’s just me. So there’s a lot of things that go into getting everything back the way that it was. So everybody can enjoy it.

AM: Google Maps describes Sage as a spiritual store would that be correct?

PC: It’s kind of bipolar store because we do have gifts like soap and little girly things that go with that. And then we have the metaphysical side, which we have, you know, candles and spell candles and intention candles and tarot cards. We have a lot of books on self improvement, books on meditation, books on mindfulness, how to be here now. Seems like everybody comes in and cries and we have really good conversations. We’ve got some local products there. We’re selling BillyBeanz Coffee, and we’ll be expanding that line once the farmers market ends, we sell local locally made jewelry some crystal jewelry. We have some fine jewelry. And you never know we’re gonna have because we have a lot of sage, too.

AM: What’s a smudge?

PC: A smudge is a just gathering up of little herbs mostly sage, you can use sage, you can use desert sage, you can use Yerba Santa, anything that you consider as a good vibration to that plant. All plants have a vibration. So you would bundle up these herbs we bundle them for you. And you like that and the whole premise is that you can clean your space. You can clean the energetic fields in your house by letting the smoke kind of waft through the area and you push all that out the window out the door. We call it taking out the energetic trash. So if your house is feeling stale, or there’s been arguments, there’s been some negativity in your house, by smudging the smoke is grabbing all of that, and taking it out.

AM: So it’s like a big fat incense. That does wonderful things for the it is for the aura.

PC: Right. But what they they’ve known for years is that sage smoke will actually remove about 98% of viruses and bacteria from your air. So if you’re cooking with nasty things like fish, if you burn a smudge stick after that it’ll take you know, most of the smell out it will take any of the bacteria that’s come up from the fish. If you get the flu you know you got one of those little kids comes home from school, with all the ickies, burning some sage will actually clean the air and keep your family healthy. So there’s a scientific reason to you use it but there’s also an energetic or spiritual reason to use it, too.

AM: You also sell CBD oils. What are some of the benefits of CBD oil?

PC: Well, what’s fun as I have made everybody that has bought it from me come back and tell me what it’s working on. And we’ve got people that come in and tell us that it’s working to kind of lubricate their joints, or it’s helping with their anxiety. We have a friend that got off her meds for a little while, and she just used the CBD under her doctor’s care and her anxiety levels still stayed down without the heavy drugs that she was taking. And I’m not a doctor, but they say that you cannot overdose on it. It doesn’t affect any kind of antidepressant. For me personally, it keeps the anxiety level down. For other people, it’s helping them sleep. My demographic is people about my age, their late 40s, early 50s, and we start to have those issues like creaky bones and sore backs and we can’t sleep at night or we don’t have any energy. And if you’ve got any kind of inflammation, that’s what it’s going after. So if your knees hurt, that could be inflamed and you take some CBD oil in a week or two, that pain is considerably lessened. I think it’s great and everybody that has come into our store has seemed to like it has brought it back we sell the isolate which is a little bit different than the full spectrum is pulling the CBD out of the plant instead of putting the whole plant into the mixture. And the reason for that is it’s much more accurate dosing, you know what you’re getting. And if you don’t want all the other stuff that comes in the plant, the isolate will work really well for you.

AM: So if someone wanted more information about not only the CBD but the smudge or the Doliber Bay, where can we find Sage?

PC: Sage is located at 120 North Walnut Creek Drive right here in Mansfield. Still in the historical part or at the corner of Walnut Creek and Broad Street. Kind of right next to Sonic and The Mansfield Mission Center’s thrift store, which is very popular. And you can find us at SageMansfield.com and Sage Mansfield LLC on Facebook, and DoliberBay.com, and yeah, we’ll deliver it to you if you want us to.

AM: I mentioned at the beginning of the segment here that you are also a community volunteer and I have to say thank you for everything that you’ve done for the Mansfield Farmers market.

PC: Oh, that’s my little pet project.

AM: I know that you’re not the owner of the market, but you have basically taken over the market in terms of marketing, in terms of booking the live entertainment and in terms of, making sure the vendors are well taken care of that you and Bobby have done a terrific job over what four or five years?

PC: Yeah, it’s been five years that we’ve been helping Rex run it, which is nice. You know he’s getting older. He’s been running it since 2004. But we tried to bring some new vendors in and bring just some different elements into the market and try to find the best vendors that we could for a farmers market including better foods, better produce, some nicer craft things that were happening them before and of course, I went around begging for live entertainment and our wonderful host here was the very first one to step up and entertain our crowds. And that was great under the pink tent.

AM: I will be back in 2020.

PC: You will you be back in 2020? Okay, because we’ve missed you. Nobody else knows Sweet Caroline like you do.

AM: Owner of Doliber Soap Company, owner of Sage Mansfield located at the corner of Walnut Creek and Broad Street and community volunteer. Pam, thanks for being here today.

PC: Thank you so much for having me.

AM: This is about Mansfield.

Welcome back to about Mansfield. I’m Steve Cosio. And let’s take a look at the events calendar going on in Mansfield for the next week.

• Free Casino Night – 6 PM · Fat Daddy’s
Greg Luce – 6:30 PM at Market Street’s Taphouse 16
• Mess Fest Weekly Class (18 Months-6 Years) – 9:30 AM · Kid Create Studio

• Light Up The Night – 5 PM · Third Thursdays Mansfield
Rockaholics – 8 PM · Fat Daddy’s
Shotgun Josephine – 6:30 PM at Market Street’s Taphouse 16
Rodney Moore – 6:30 PM – Dirty Job Brewing

• All-Region Concert – 4 PM · Willie Pigg Auditorium
o 4:00 pm 9th grade band
o 5:00 pm Symphonic band
o 6:00 Wind Ensemble
John West – Fat Fridays Happy Hour – 5 PM · Fat Daddy’s
Ft. Worth Barracudas vs Texas Titans – 7:30 PM · Starcenter
In Halen w/ Heart Attack – 9 PM · Fat Daddy’s
• SOCCER KINETIX Soccer Skills Program – 4:45 PM · Fieldhouse USA
• Friday Night Magic – 7 PM · Oblivion Games
Steve Cosio performs solo at 6:30 PM Steven’s Garden & Grill

• Kids Zone After Dark (6-12Y) – 5 PM · Mansfield Activities Center
• Take me on an Adventure – 2 PM · Oliver Nature Park
Have an outdoor adventure with your little one, learn some outdoor skills, and enjoy nature all at the same time. This class will be all about Geocaching!
Mo Jiles Band – 9:30 PM · Fat Daddy’s
• Yoga for Beginners, a free workshop – 12 PM · Sunshine Yoga Shack
• Saturday Pokemon – 1 PM · Oblivion Games
Brent Rozell & The Soulmates – 8 PM – El Primo’s

Sully’s Concert Series with Simon Flory – 5 PM · Steven’s Garden & Grill

Build & Play – 10:30 AM · The Little Gym of Arlington/Mansfield
MISD School Board meets at 7PM at the Center for the Performing Arts

If you have an event coming up that you’d like to include on our calendar submitted by email to events@About Mansfield.com, that’s events@AboutMansfield.com.

We appreciate all feedback about the program that you’re listening to whether it’s a specific news story or feature that you heard or the show in itself, please feel free to chime in by email at comments@AboutMansfield.com or by voicemail at 817-435-9238. That again is 817-435-9238. We will read or playback some of the comments in the coming week. After the break, it is the famed trivia question of the week. I’m Steve Cosio and this is about Mansfield.

Welcome back to about Mansfield. I’m Steve Cosio and we want to say congratulations to Shelia Betzel who was the first person to correctly answer last week’s trivia question, which was “What was Main Street called prior to its name change in 1958? You want the answer? Let’s go downtown!

DAVE GOODWIN: Hi, this is Dave Goodwin, president of Downtown Mansfield, Inc. and the answer to About Mansfield’s trivia question of the week is Water Street.

Shelia receives a $25 gift card to Steven’s Garden and Grill.

Let’s get into this week’s question. The first person to email the correct answer to trivia@AboutMansfield.com will receive a $25 gift card to Steven’s Garden and Grill located at 223 Depot Street in historic downtown Mansfield. They have some new hours, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. You can find them on the Internet at StevensGardenAndGrill.com.

This week’s trivia question is: [YOU MUST LISTEN TO THE SHOW TO HEAR THE QUESTION].

Email your answer to trivia@AboutMansfield.com.

Good luck and thank you to Jan and John Cox for the Steven’s gift card.

Coming up next week on About Mansfield and we’ll talk with a husband and wife team who are brewing a daily pot just for you. The show will be released on Wednesday, January 22. Until then, thank you for listening. I’m Steve Cosio. This is about Mansfield.