Episode 009 – 2/26/20

Welcome to another episode of About Mansfield, I’m Steve Cosio with Coleen Daniell broadcasting from Podcast Mansfield Recording Studio. Thank you for being here. Coming up on the show: news, weather and sports, and, I’ll talk in-studio with a local entrepreneur who has a dirty job.

Also coming up we have the Mansfield events calendar, and will conclude with your chance to win a $25 gift card to Branded Burger Company with the trivia question of the week.

Taking a look at this week’s headlines:
• It’s full steam ahead for both the mayor and council races
The ballot for two school board seats is set for the May elections
• Early voting for national and statewide Primary Elections is in full swing
• Need a ride to the polls? Tarrant County Commissioners are picking up the tab
• The city council discusses short-term rentals in Mansfield
• MISD swimming athletes bring home medals from state competition
• Young minds design an award-winning city of the future
And, our unscientific poll question “What are you favorite pizza toppings?” We have the answers along with your weekly weather forecast, local sports and an in-studio interview with a local entrepreneur who has a dirty job.

This is About Mansfield.


Welcome back to About Mansfield.

The mayoral and council races have started to take shape.

Mayor’s race: Michael Evans, Brent Newsom, George Fassett, Terry Moore
Council Race, Place 2: Scot Bowman, Tamera Bounds, Skeeter Pressley
Council Race, Place 6: Todd Tonore, Philip DeGroat
Council Race, Place 7: Incumbent Larry Broseh is running unopposed


The ballot is complete for the MISD school board race
Place 6 shows three newcomers to the ballot including: Warren Davis, Chad Lovell and Tania Sosa. Incumbent Darrell Sneed has officially withdrawn from the race.

Corinne Fiagome and Yolanda McPherson are looking to unseat incumbent Courtney Lackey Wilson in Place 7.


Early voting for the national and statewide elections ends on Friday
February 28. “Super Tuesday” Election Day is scheduled for March 3. On the ballot are candidates for U.S. President, U.S. Senate, Texas House of Representatives, Texas Railroad Commission, and a variety of judicial seats. There are 47 poll locations throughout Tarrant County including the Mansfield Sub-Courthouse located at 1100 East Broad Street.

The Tarrant County Commissioners Court approved early voting locations at nine college campuses last month. The Texas Secretary of State also signed off on countywide vote centers, meaning Tarrant County voters can go to any of the 47 polling places countywide on Election Day.


The Commissioners Court also approved a partnership with four transportation services in Tarrant County to pay for customer trips to voting locations for the entire early voting period and on the March 3rd Election Day. Those who qualify should call the transportation provider at least 48 hours ahead to schedule their free ride to any of the Tarrant County Vote Centers. For more details, visit our website and click on LINKS.


Fourth graders from Martha Reid Leadership Academy recently competed in the North Texas Regional Future City Junior competition and won first place for their city model and second place overall out of 46 teams.

Under the leadership of teacher Leslie Drake, the Martha Reid team worked with Mansfield Water Utilities to gain background information on how to tackle the challenge of designing a resilient urban water system for a city 100 years from now. The students visited with the staff at Bud Ervin Water Treatment Plant to learn about how raw water is treated, distributed and how a potential natural disaster or threat might impact a city’s water supply. Congratulations to the students on their winning future city!



In this week’s unscientific poll, Podcast Mansfield Recording Studio once again took to the Internet and asked the question, “What are your favorite pizza toppings?” With over 20 toppings and close to three hundred responses, Coleen has the top five:

  1. Mushrooms
  2. Black olives
  3. Sausage
  4. Cheese
  5. Pepperoni

We’ll have to the results of another unscientific poll next week.


Let’s check the weather forecast for the upcoming week. Here’s Alexa.

ALEXA: In Mansfield for the next seven days: Wednesday, 51º Fahrenheit and lots of sun. Thursday, 61º and lots of sun. Friday, 65º and lots of sun. Saturday, 70º and partly sunny weather. Sunday, 75º and lots of clouds. Monday, 74º and thunderstorms. Tuesday, 66º and cloudy skies.


Two Mansfield ISD student-athletes took home medals at the recent 2020 UIL Swimming & Diving State Meet in Austin.

Legacy High School’s Eric Stelmar earned the gold medal in the 5A boy’s 100-meter backstroke. Kyle Sanchez, from Lake Ridge, received a bronze medal in 6A boy’s 1-meter diving.

Stelmar is committed to The University of Alabama while Sanchez is signed to attend Texas A&M.


Local high school home games include:

Friday February 28

Legacy Men’s and Women’s Soccer
Men: 6:00 PM; Women: 7pm
Legacy Football Stadium

Legacy Softball
6:30 PM
Legacy Softball Field

Saturday February 29

Lake Ridge Track and Field Invitational
8:00 AM at Lake Ridge High Track

Lake Ridge Softball Team plays a doubleheader
Starting at 9:00 AM on their home turf

For a complete list of upcoming high school games, log on to our website and click on SPORTS.


NATIONAL DAY OF… for the upcoming week:

Wednesday Feb. 26 – National Pistachio Day and Ash Wednesday
Thursday the 27th – National No Brainer Day
Friday February 28 – National Chili Day
Saturday the 29th – National Open That Bottle Night and Leap Day
Sunday March 1 – National Pig Day
Monday the 2nd – National Old Stuff Day
Tuesday March 3 – National Caregiver Appreciation Day

That’s a look at news, weather and sports. If you have a news tip that you would like us to follow up on, send us an email to news@AboutMansfield.com.

When we come back, Steve will talk about brewing beer in Mansfield with Dirty Job Brewing’s Derek Hubenak. We’re back in 30 seconds. You’re listening to About Mansfield.


ABOUT MANSFIELD: Welcome back to another segment of about Mansfield. I’m Steve Cosio broadcasting from the studios of Podcast Mansfield right here in Mansfield, Texas and in the studio today is an entrepreneur who started a business a year or so maybe a couple of years ago out on Main Street, and it’s called Dirty Job Brewing. And we have the head brewer right here in the studio. Derek Hubenak, welcome to the show.

DEREK HUBENAK: Thanks for having me, Steve.

AM: We’re talking about one of my favorite subjects.

DH: Beer.

AM: Absolutely. And so you are they head brewer, you’re not the only owner. You’ve got a couple other partners.

DH: Absolutely. So there’s my wife, LaShawn. And then also Justin, who is our friend, and we’re all three kind of universally employed or under the thumb of the business. And so we all help brewing and cooking and cleaning. And it’s funny, a lot of times people ask me, I’ve told people before, they see me wearing a shirt or something in the grocery store and they’re like, “So do you go to that brewery?” I’m like, “Well, actually, yeah, I work there. I’m the janitor.” And they’re like, “Oh, okay.” I had a lady show up one time after I said that to her at the grocery store and, I was in the middle of a brew that day, but I had gone to the bathroom, and I was cleaning the bathrooms to get ready for Saturday business and I come out with a mop bucket and she’s like, “Huh…”

AM: You really are the janitor!

DH: “You really are the janitor.” I was like, “I am, among many things. It’s one of my hats.” And my wife starts laughing and says, “Did he tell you he’s the janitor?” And she’s like, “Well, yeah,” and she’s like, “he’s one of the other owners.” And the lady just starts cracking up. She’s like, “You… you…”

AM: Let’s go back in life. How’d you get started brewing beer?

DH: I used to be like a Silver Bullet guy, light beer. And back in the early 2000s when Rahr & Sons Brewing, they’re like the grand daddies of Fort Worth craft beer. When they opened up, I had a friend that invited me to do some bottling with them as a volunteer, Saturday morning we show up about 7:30 in the morning. And I told him, “Yeah, of course I want to that, sounds fun.” We show up we do some bottling and then they paid us with a case of beer to take home and I’m like, “Yeah, I don’t drink this stuff.” And he’s like, “Well, I’ll take.” I was like, “No, that’s free beer. I mean, gotta give it a shot.” And it was their Ugly Pug. And I had not really been a dark beer fan before that and took it home. And I tried it. And I was like, “You know what? This is good stuff. I’m anxious to see what else they have.” So I just kind of rolled from there. And I volunteered, stuck around there for a while selling merchandise, pouring beer, following brewers around and stuff like that, just to see what I could figure out.

After I left there, I just got kind of interested in in reading about the science of beer and the artistry behind beer as well. And it kind of took up some of my time and occupied my brain a little bit while I was working on school and working full time doing the family thing. And eventually, I got a little hankering to give it a shot and I bought a home brew kit and LaShawn came home one day and said, “Well, what’s that smell?” I said, “That’s our future, baby.” So I tried making some beer and the first one came out just absolutely terrible.

AM: As well, it should.

DH: as well it should. But I gave it a couple more shots and just started making beer and entering contests and started winning some home brew awards. And then some other breweries started telling us, “Hey, man, you’re making good beer, you should sell this stuff.” So I just finished my MBA and I was like, “Well, I’ve already written a bunch of business plans. So I’ll write one for this.” And here we are.

AM: And then opportunity came up on Main Street.

DH: Absolutely.

AM: You took up really two spaces. One side is your brewing and the other side is the tap house. You’ve been there how long?

DH: Two and a half years now. So we opened July, the first week of July in 2017. We’ve been blessed with an absolute saint of a landlord, Sheri. She’s like, “Take take all the time you need, I believe in you guys. I’ve seen your business plan and you guys are really highly motivated and Mansfield really needs beer.” We had looked at other areas. But we truly came into downtown historic Mansfield and we truly saw the opportunity for the growth not just for our business, but for all the businesses in the community. And we really wanted to be part of that foundation of the revitalization down there. And we got out, started looking around, saw a couple cool buildings and went down to the museum. And we talked to Vern.

AM: Curator Vern!

DH: Curator Vern, and he was so awesome. He was very encouraging. We told him, “Hey, do you know anything about these buildings that are open? This is what we’re looking at doing.” And we told him what we wanted to do. And he goes, “Oh, my, Mansfield’s thirsty. You need to talk to Felix and you need to talk to Scott.” And so that’s what we did. But I mean, he it was just immediate. We felt welcome. We felt at home and it didn’t feel like someone just saying, “Yeah, you could open up a business here.” It felt like, “You’re home now, son, y’all come on in.”

AM: So you became Mansfield’s first brewery.

DH: Exactly. Yeah, absolutely.

AM: Dirty Job Brewing is the only brewery in Mansfield that has its own theme song.

DH: That is true by local genius music writer that performs a Dirty Job Brewing as well.

AM: Well, let’s take a listen to it.


AM: A little snippet of the theme song of Dirty Job Brewing. How many beers on any given day do you have on the tap?

DH: Well, typically we have 20 taps flowing. So on tap, we have 20 that are made in-house. We have 50-something recipes and including barrel aged beer, so they’re always rotating but we have 20 taps. And we try to keep those pretty consistent as far as staying available

AM: Share some of the names with our listeners, some of the names of your beers.

DH: So our number one seller year round, regardless of how hot or cold it is, is our Short Stack. It’s a maple pecan Porter.

AM: That is my favorite.

DH: I know it is. You and many other people. That’s why it’s our number one seller. Number two seller is a Agave DeVita, that’s a blueberry agave wheat beer. Very blue. It’s like a blueberry muffin in a glass. It’s crazy. But then people mix those two together. Now we didn’t come up with this. Actually, Brian Certain came up with that. I think he had run through all the beers we had on tap. At one point he was like, “You know what? I want to try a little secret menu here.” And there was a hot minute where he had a Facebook private group that was the secret menu for Dirty Job and they were coming up with mixtures and then they’d name them and come in and tell us, like this one, they’d say, “We want a Blueberry Pancake.” And we were like, “What the heck is that?” What you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna take half of the agave and half the Short Stack. You can mix those together.” We’re like, “Okay…”

AM: So the Short Stack and the blueberry. What else do you have there on tap?

DH: OMG blonde. That’s our honey blonde ale made with Mansfield honey. And a lot of our ingredients, we try to pick up local as best we can. Obviously there’s no maple trees and around here, silver leaf maples, which can’t get a lot of syrup off those right. So the OMG blonde, let me see our Main Street Wheat, of course, as a straight American wheat beer. We have our Broad Street Bock. Both of those, an homage to our location. We’re right there at Mansfield’s Main Street and Broad Street. Just so many fun ones. Atomic Blonde’s our spicy pepper blonde ale. I.P.Ain’t, that’s our cucumber IPA. I mean, the list just goes on and on. We have a lot of good ones Fruity Cousin, that’s our grapefruit IPA.

AM: Where do you get your ingredients and what what ingredients go into beer?

DH: There’s four major ingredients to just a straight beer, any beer style, and that’s water, which is very key. And we have been blessed with Mansfield water. Grains, so usually barley but you can use rice, rye, oats, there are several types of grains. So you got water, grains, hops, and yeast. And so with those four ingredients, there’s no hop farms or a lot of grain around here.

AM: I was going to say, you probably don’t go to the local grocery store to get your…

DH: No, we you we actually work with Texas Brewing, Inc. out of Haltom City. A lot of the fun ingredients, so for our beers because we don’t make a whole lot of straight forward beers, that’s the whole thing about Dirty Job, we always wanted to be whimsical and kind of push some of the boundaries and then bring them back, because we don’t want to go too far. But like a lot of the ingredients, cucumbers, cantaloupe, honey, these things that we can find from local growers or producers. I have a big pepper garden in the backyard so we grow our own peppers and that’s what goes in a lot of our pepper beers. And Eddie Phillips, for example. Our wonderful Eddie Phillips, the big artist down here, he actually provided us with cantaloupes from his garden one year for our Cantaloupe Cezanne.

AM: So you’ve got ingredients going in the front end, obviously the back end there is some waste. Where do the grains and the oats and the hops go when you’re done brewing?

DH: We take extra care, first of all, not to put anything back into our water supply. So as far as sewage and stuff goes, we’re very, very clean. All of our grains and hop everything that comes out in our yeast cakes, everything go back to a local farmer/rancher who has several head of cattle and he’s right off a Broad Street. He’s only three minutes away from us. So he comes and collects barrels of our grain, takes it back to the cows and they happily chomp it up.

AM: That’s great that the waste on the back end is going back into the ecosystem.

DH: Most breweries come from this sense of urgency as well to save your local ecosystem, keep it intact. It’s nothing special that we’re doing a lot of people do that.

AM: If someone was thirsty within the next few, or four or five days. What are your hours and where are you located?

DH: 117 North Main Street. We have a front entrance and a back entrance. And our hours now our Wednesday through Saturday noon to 10pm, Sundays 12pm to 6pm, Closed Monday and Tuesday for brewing operations.

AM: You just recently introduced food.

DH: Well, I wouldn’t say that we introduced food. We just introduced food at our place. I’ll take that much credit.

AM: What do you what do you serve back in the kitchen?

DH: Currently, our menu is contained, and it is online at DirtyJobBrewing.com. You can check out the full beer menu and kitchen menu, but we have paninis, soups, salads, flatbread pizzas made on naan bread that are really popular. Brats, various forms of pretzels — sweet pretzels, pepperoni pretzels, salted pretzels. Another big one is the Here Piggy Piggy. It’s a carnitas nachos and they’re covered in two different types of cheese and, so delicious, muy delicioso.

AM: I want to thank you for donating the coasters to the studio here so that when people come in and they’re drinking water, they have something to put their their water on.

DH: It’s our pleasure.

AM: We have six of these stone Dirty Job Brewing coasters here.

DH: I think it’s little stuff like that, I think, a lot of people so many people appreciate that. And folks like us, we don’t think about that that much. You and I were part of a really awesome community down here that really just gives back and wants to see Mansfield grow and little stuff like that, we just do it. We don’t think about it. We’re helping out our fellow business owners and community. It’s just that’s what we do

AM: Give your hours again, give your website and social media

DH: It’s just Dirty Job Brewing, no “S” just Dirty JOB Brewing. It’s dot com. It’s Dirty Job Brewing on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all the social media platforms. Hours are Wednesday through Saturday noon to 10pm, 12pm to 6pm on Sunday. And again, all of our hours and menu items are listed on the website, DirtyJobBrewing.com. And I would also say, we get a lot of people talking to us about community involvement. Can you sponsor this team? Can you send something for this charity? Don’t ever feel like you can’t reach out to us and do that because we answer those a lot. We don’t always have it in our marketing budget or our charitable donations budget for that quarter but we’re always willing to try to make some wiggle room to give you something.

AM: Derek Hubenak, head brewer of Dirty Job Brewing. Thanks for being on About Mansfield today.

DH: Thanks for having me.

AM: We’ll see you again. We’ll be right back.


Highlighting some of the events coming up this week in Mansfield.

Thursday February 27

Ready 2 Work Ben Barber Expo
Thu 6 PM · Ben Barber Innovation Academy
Find out how you can be Ready 2 Work by meeting with industry professionals and instructors and learn more about the unique opportunities for students at the Ready 2 Work Ben Barber Expo on Thursday evening.

Scot Bowman Campaign Kickoff & Fundraiser
Thu 6 PM · El Primo’s
Come join us on February 27th from 6-8 at El Primo’s. This will be a great chance to hear Scot’s vision for Mansfield, discuss your concerns, and visit with others who want to see Mansfield continue to be great.

Saturday February 29

Multicultural Festival
Sat 11 AM · Mansfield ISD Center for the Performing Arts
It’s one of the greatest annual events in the Metroplex…and it is FREE to attend! The 8th annual Multicultural Festival is a celebration of the diversity in our community. Enjoy a fun-filled day of games, free food tasting, cooking demonstrations, crafts, student performances and more!

Evening by the Campfire
Sat 5:30 PM · Rose Park
Revel in a winter’s evening by a roaring fire at Rose Park with s’mores, stargazing and listen to the stories behind the common constellations. Bring a folding chair. Pre-registration is required for all ages, including parents.

For a comprehensive list of local events, log on to our website and click on EVENTS.


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Congratulations to Winnie Grossman who was the first person to email the correct answer last week’s trivia question — What full-length feature film recorded a scene in the Western Kountry Klub? Winnie knew that the answer was — Pure Country starring singer/songwriter George Strait. Winnie receives a $25 gift card to Branded Burger Company.

After the break, the trivia question of the week. I’m Steve Cosio with Coleen Daniell and this is About Mansfield.


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Email your answer to trivia@aboutmansfield.com.

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Coming up next week on About Mansfield, we’ll talk with a local entrepreneur how home staging can help you sell your home faster. The show will be released on Wednesday March 4. Until then, thanks for listening. For Coleen Daniell, I’m Steve Cosio and this… is About Mansfield.