Episode 028 – 7/8/20

Welcome to another episode of About Mansfield, I’m Steve Cosio with Coleen Daniell, she is broadcasting from home today, along with the entire About Mansfield news team. Thank you for being here. This is Episode 28 and coming up on this episode, Mansfield news and weather for the upcoming week. And, as always, we will conclude this episode with the trivia question of the week for a $25 gift card to 360 Brunch House.

• MISD offers choice of online or in-person for the upcoming school year
• COVID-19 epidemic continues to spread in Mansfield
• City Council seeks input from residents on City Manager search
• Early voting continues in Mansfield
• County offers solutions on how to be mosquito-free this summer
• Study shows kids who grow up with dogs behave better than those who don’t

Alexa is here with the weather and we conclude our two-part in-studio interview with Mansfield Heritage Foundation President Dr. Christopher Ohan. We are Mansfield’s only source for news, talk and information. This is About Mansfield.


STEVE: Welcome back to About Mansfield.

COLEEN: Mansfield ISD has decided to allow parents to choose what they feel comfortable with for their children this fall; online or in-person instruction. About Mansfield’s Stacey Main reports.



STEVE: COVID-19 epidemic is getting worse in Mansfield, a city in three Texas Counties. Filing from home, About Mansfield’s roving science reporter Dennis Webb has the story.



COLEEN: As the search for Mansfield’s next City Manager begins, the City Council is seeking input from the community via an online survey. The responses submitted to the “Community Survey for Mansfield City Manager Search” will provide to Council what is important to residents when it comes to the person leading city operations.

The council plans to hire a new city manager by August 31st with a start date of October First.

The deadline to offer your input is Thursday, July 9 at 10PM. To access the survey, log onto our website — AboutMansfield.com — and click on the LINKS tab.



COLEEN: Early voting for the Primary Runoff continues through Friday in Mansfield. The Democratic ballot has two races: Mary Hegar versus Royce West for U.S. Senate, while Roberto Alonzo takes on Chrysta Castañeda for Railroad Commissioner. The Republican ballot has just one race: Elizabeth Beach is running against Brian Walker for Justice, 2nd Court of Appeals District Place 7. Early voting takes place at the Mansfield Sub‐Courthouse located at 1100 E Broad Street again, through Friday. Election Day is Tuesday July 14.


STEVE: The County has put together a list of suggestions on how your surroundings can be mosquito-free this summer. About Mansfield’s Robby Terry has the story.

ROBBY: It’s an all-familiar summer sound in Texas. Even the most unexpected places can become breeding grounds for mosquitoes and the illnesses they can carry. Tarrant County Public Health and County officials are asking for your help to protect our community and do you part to help Tarrant County be mosquito free by following a few helpful tips.

To lessen the probabilities of mosquito bites, Tarrant County Public Health recommends that you:
• wear long sleeves and pants when outdoors,
• use EPA-approved insect repellent,
• keep your vegetation trimmed, and
• eliminate breeding grounds by:
• dumping standing water that can collect in clogged rain gutters
• emptying drain pans underneath landscape pots
• sweeping along the curb for standing irrigation or rain water and,
• checking your water meter or irrigation box for standing water

There’s no way to predict what any mosquito-borne illness season will be like. Studies and research continually prove that the most effective, most practical and least expense means of preventing such illnesses is to keep mosquitoes from breeding where possible and that people keep themselves from being bitten by mosquitoes through the use of repellent and by wearing appropriate clothing when outdoors. Reporting for About Mansfield, I’m Robby Terry.

STEVE: A new study published out of Australia has shown that a dog’s unconditional love teaches its owners about responsibility and may help children benefit from better social and emotional well-being. The study was published Monday in the journal Pediatric Research.

The research team questioned 16-hundred parents with preschoolers between 2 and 5 years old and asked them how often their child participated in walks or active play with the dog. The study also found that children who played with their dog more often were more likely to “engage in considerate behaviors” than those who played with their dog less frequently — a win-win for the owner and dog, and the benefits are clear with a simple blood test.



STEVE: Friday is National Teddy Bear Picnic Day, Let’s find out if Mother Nature is going to allow us to take Teddy to the park this week. Alexa?



COLEEN: The Tarrant Regional Water District recommends that you not water your lawn this week thanks to the rainfall we experienced on Monday. The use a rain gauge can help measure the amount of rain water your lawn receives naturally, which can help you calculate how much water your lawn needs. For more watering and irrigation tips, log onto WaterIsAwesome.com.

STEVE: That’s a look at news and weather. If you have a news tip that you would like us to follow up on, send us an email to news@aboutmansfield.com. Again, that’s news@aboutmansfield.com.

STEVE: And speaking of news, I’d like to take a minute to introduce and thank our all-volunteer news team, who are all Mansfield residents:

Coleen Daniell has been our co-host since February after working many years for the Mansfield News-Mirror newspaper. Among her many tasks there, her two most notable non-byline features were the person-on-the-street question of the week and the highly popular police blotter.

Stacey Main is a general reporter who joined About Mansfield a month ago after a 20-year career at CBS11 News.

Dennis Webb is our roving science reporter. He not only states the facts when it comes to COVID-19 but also breaks down the science behind the virus. You may recall that Dennis was an in-studio guest on About Mansfield in June on Episode 24. Webb worked for NASA for 36 years and it is a delight to have him reporting for us.

Robby Terry is a general reporter and our intern who brings an energetic youth and enthusiasm to the show. He voices one news story per show then puts his post-production hat on and edits the About Mansfield audio. At 18 years old, Robby just graduated from Pantego Christian Academy where he excelled in theater and music. It will be bittersweet day when we lose him to UNT this fall where he will study broadcast journalism.

That’s the About Mansfield news team. All Mansfield residents reporting all Mansfield news. When we say that we are Mansfield’s only source for news, talk and information, we mean it. Thank you, team.

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STEVE: You can also ask Siri to play the About Mansfield podcast on Apple devices. Coming up after the break, Part Two of our in-studio interview with Mansfield Heritage Foundation president Dr. Christopher Ohan. Stay with us. I’m Steve Cosio with Coleen Daniell, and the entire news team and this is About Mansfield.


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COLEEN: Congratulations to LORI NOE who was the first person to email the correct answer to last week’s trivia question — What are the names of the eight replica ballparks at Big League Dreams?

According to the City of Mansfield website the eight are: Crosley Field in Cincinnati, Boston’s Fenway Park, Ranger’s Globe Life Park in Arlington, Sportsman’s Park in St. Louis, Chicago’s Wrigley Field, and New York’s Ebbets Field, The Polo Grounds and Yankee Stadium. LORI has won a $25 gift card to 360 Brunch House.

After the break, this week’s trivia question of the week. I’m Coleen Daniell and this is About Mansfield.


STEVE: It’s time for the highly-coveted, wildly popular, Trivia Question of the Week. The first person to email the correct answer to trivia@aboutmansfield.com will receive a $25 gift card to 360 Brunch House, serving “breakfast for the neighborhood!” Located on Broad Street in the shadows of Newsom Stadium, you can find them on the Internet at 360BrunchHouse.com. Let’s get to this week’s question. Coleen?

COLEEN: Well, Steve… most Mansfieldians know that the City of Mansfield is split between three counties: The majority lies within Tarrant County with the remainder in Ellis and Johnson. The question is: Which county contains more Mansfield real estate, Ellis or Johnson?

Email your answer to trivia@aboutmansfield.com. Again, which county contains more Mansfield real estate, Ellis or Johnson?

Good luck and thanks to Nick and Al at 360 Brunch House for the gift card.


STEVE: Coming up next week on About Mansfield: our usual array of news, talk and information including an in-studio interview with Mansfield resident Chris Jenkins, owner of Lame Horse Instruments. The show will be released on Wednesday July 15th. Until then, don’t forget to follow to this podcast, if you haven’t already, so you never miss an episode. It’s free and easy. Just enter your email address on our website, About Mansfield.com. We will never send you any spam, we promise. Thanks for listening. For Coleen Daniell, and the entire news team, I’m Steve Cosio and this… is About Mansfield.