Episode 033 – 8/12/20

This week’s headlines:
• Council approves a new city manager
• The COVID-19 epidemic appears to have resumed its increasing trend in Mansfield
• School board president takes a look at what the school year MAY look like
• Long lines result in change in policy and an apology from MISD superintendent
• Mansfield small business takes COVID testing to a national level
• Entrepreneurs open farm-to-table business in downtown
• Council approves moratorium to limit the amount of downtown tattoo shops
• In sports, Mansfield’s Tijay Antone has strong debut for the Cincinnati Reds

Why do smoke detectors only last ten years? Home improvement specialist Terry Radzwion has the answer in the Ask Terry segment. Alexa is here with the seven-day weather forecast and we will talk in studio with Mansfield Mission Center Executive Director Carmin MacMillan. And, as always, we will conclude this episode with the trivia question of the week for a $25 gift card to Jakes Burgers and Beer. We are Mansfield’s only source for news, talk and information. This is About Mansfield.


Welcome back to About Mansfield.

The city council held a regular meeting Monday night and with the recap, here’s Councilman Casey Lewis. [LEWIS]

[COUNCIL 1] That’s Councilman Casey Lewis making the motion as the Mansfield City Council voted unanimously Monday night to appoint Interim City Manager Joe Smolinski as the new City Manager. Smolinski, who had previously served as a Deputy City Manager over development services, has been with the City of Mansfield for 19 years. Mayor David Cook welcomed Smolinski into his new position. [COUNCIL 2] Smolinski was the Director of Utility Operations prior to becoming a part of the city’s management team.


The COVID-19 epidemic appears to be back to spreading across Mansfield. About Mansfield’s roving science reporter Dennis Webb has the story. [WEBB] By the way, you can catch the musician Dennis Webb – same person – performing this Saturday at the Mansfield Farmers Market from 8 until noon. Fresh produce and live music at the corner of Broad and Walnut Creek.


Like every year many parents will be taking their first-day-of-school photos on the front porch. Except this year they’re going to go back inside the house instead of to a school building. About Mansfield’s Stacey Main talked with one school board trustee and files this report. [MAIN]


Mansfield ISD superintendent Dr. Kimberly Cantu reached out to parents of school-aged kids by email last week apologizing for the long lines and waiting times as parents attempted to pick up digital devices for the upcoming school year. Cantu stated on Sunday, “I want to take a moment and personally apologize for the long wait times families have experienced during device pick up. I understand your frustrations, and I want you to know that we are listening and have spent the last several days devising a new plan to make the process run more smoothly while keeping our students and staff safe.” Mansfield ISD has increased device pickup to five locations, with additional days and extended hours. Each campus now has a dedicated pickup location. The updated distribution schedule started on Monday and will run through Saturday. Although the first day of school is Wednesday, Aug. 12, students who have not yet picked up their device have been assured that they will not be behind as the start of the school year begins with making connections and establishing processes. Students can also opt to use their own device instead of using a district-owned device. All programs and apps needed for online learning can be accessed on any device with an Internet connection. To view the updated MISD Device Distribution Schedule, log onto our website and click on the LINKS tab.


One group of local entrepreneurs have teamed up to help bring farm-fresh produce and other grocery-type items to downtown Mansfield. About Mansfield caught up with The Local Farmer co-owner Kaitlyn Cole, who is still reeling from a successful grand opening weekend. [FARMER 1] Cole said that the main focus of the store is being local. [FARMER 2] Two of the co-owners also grow some of the produce on their own farm, based right here in Mansfield. [FARMER 3] Cole describes the shopping experience at The Local Farmer as one you might expect to see in the heart of a small downtown. [FARMER 4] And variety of the key to their success. [FARMER 5] If the coronavirus has you sticking close to home, The Local Farmer offers a delivery service when you sign up for their subscription service. [FARMER 6] The Local Farmer can be found at 206 North Main Street in Historic Mansfield and they’re open daily 8am-9pm.


City Council approved a moratorium Monday night limiting the amount of tattoo shops in Mansfield. About Mansfield’s Robby Terry reports.

ROBBY:  Citing that a third tattoo shop owner had just signed a lease in downtown Mansfield and possibly more on the way, Councilman Casey Lewis opened discussion on possible action regarding options related to the zoning, specific use permits, and commercial leases of tattoo shops. [TATTOO 1] The discussion was supported by Mayor Cook and councilpersons Mike Leyman and Julie Short. City Attorney Allen Taylor said that there is no legal reason why a moratorium can’t be placed on future tattoo parlors until city staff has a plan addressing a proposed change in commercial use. [TATTOO 2] Council voted unanimously to approve a moratorium on tattoo parlors ion historic downtown Mansfield. No word on when the temporary ban may be lifted. Reporting for About Mansfield, I’m Robby Terry.


STEVE:  Let’s check sports. Here’s Tommy Cummings. [TOMMY]


We start a new feature today called Ask Terry. Terry is our resident home improvement specialist and answers your questions about the place that you call home. Terry? [TERRY]

If you have a home improvement question, you can send an email to askterry@aboutmansfield.com. Again, that’s askterry@aboutmansfield.com. Terry will tackle another home improvement question next week.


Friday is National Creamsicle Day. When’s the last time you had a creamsicle? Let’s see if the weather’s going to cooperate for an ice cream bar. Alexa? [ALEXA]


The Tarrant Regional Water District states that your lawn could use three-quarters of an inch of water from your sprinklers this week. Looking ahead, it will be hot and dry. Be sure to divide your controller settings over two days and use the “cycle and soak” method to reduce runoff. For more watering and irrigation tips, log onto WaterIsAwesome.com.

That’s a look at news and weather. If you have a news tip that you would like us to follow up on, send us an email to news@aboutmansfield.com. Again, that’s news@aboutmansfield.com. Coming up after the break, we switch from news to talk and we’ll talk in-studio with Mansfield Mission Center Executive Director Carmin MacMillan. Stay with us. I’m Steve Cosio with Coleen Daniell, and the entire news team and this is About Mansfield.





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