Episode 000 – 12/26/19

Hi, I’m Steve Cosio and welcome to an introductory episode of About Mansfield—a podcast of news, talk and information about the city of Mansfield, Texas. I want to take a little bit here to introduce myself and give you an idea of what the show is all about; some a little background information on myself since I’m the host of the show.

At the controls of KSDO/San Diego

I started in radio in 1980, December of 1980 at KSDO Radio in San Diego. And throughout the years, I have had roles such as:
Talk show director (so I know how to run the equipment)
Talk Show producer (so I know about creating content and doing research)
Talk show host (so I know how to deliver the content) and
Production coordinator (so I know how to edit and make the show sound good).

In 2004 my family and I moved to Texas and I formed a business called I Buy Time—an advertising agency that helps businesses place radio advertising from coast to coast.

In 2012, I started my own podcast called Rock Rhythm and Roots. It was a three-hour music show and I did that weekly for about a year and a half.

In 2014, some of my radio clients jumped on the podcast wagon and so I started producing podcasts for some of my radio clients, which led to 2019 where just last month in November, I opened Podcast Mansfield Recording Studio, and that’s where this show originates from. So if you know anyone who has a podcast or is thinking on starting a podcast and needs a place to record, send them my way. Appreciate it!

Let’s talk about the podcast itself. About Mansfield launches next week, January 2, 2020. When the News-Mirror newspaper decided to shut their doors permanently, it left a void in the city of Mansfield for news and information and hopefully that is what we intend to do is fill that void. The format of the show will consist of news, a weather forecast for the upcoming week, local sports; whether it’s football, baseball volleyball, we intend to cover the sports; an in-studio feature interview, an events calendar, listener comments and then conclude it with the trivia question of the week.

So how can you get involved? Here are five easy steps:
1) Subscribe to the show so that you will receive an alert every time a new show is produced. You can do that at my website at aboutmansfield.com.
2) You can submit news stories and press releases to news@AboutMansfield.com. That email address again is news@AboutMansfield.com.
3) If you have an event coming up that you would like to publicize submit your events to events@AboutMansfield.com again by email events@AboutMansfield.com.
4) A couple of ways to submit your comments about the show, email comments@aboutMansfield.com or you can leave a voicemail at 817-435-2938. Again that is 817-435-2938.
5) Yes, we are looking for sponsors and since this show is basically a radio news block for the Internet, these will be typical 30- and 60-second radio style commercials. So if you know someone who owns a business and would like to publicize their business on the show, again we are looking for sponsors.

So that in a nutshell is a little bit about me and the podcast itself. I’m Steve Cosio. I am looking forward to putting my 40-year career to work for you with news, talk and information… About Mansfield.